How the Color Deficient Person

 Sees the World 


                                  Normal                        Protanope                    Deuteranope           Tritanope


This is how numbers look to a dichromate (only two photopigments) on a color vision test. *Tritan is not included because it is extremely rare.

                                      Normal                     Protanope                    Deutanope



This is how numbers look to an anomalous trichromate (three photopigments, one pigment is just a little off) on a color vision test.  The defect is not as severe compared to a dichromate.  In fact, some of the test numbers can be seen by an anomalous trichromate.


                                Normal                    Protanomaly          Deuteranomaly

This is how objects look to a dichromate

                    Normal                            Protanope                      Deuteranope

Color Normal                          Dichromat

Color Normal                        Dichromat

Color Normal                  Dichromat

The source of the last three pictures is by Paul Martin


Click here to take a test by Jay Neitz.  See how well you can identify objects if you were colorblind.

Click here to see how color deficient people see colored palettes

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