Additional Links About Colorblindness

1.  Youtube Video "Color Vision Test - Official Version" Same as the on-line color vision test found on this webpage, but in video format.

2. Click here for an excellent Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Rabin on colorblindness.   (The presentation is technical and mainly for the scientific community).

3. Excellent 9 minute film on colorblindness by Laura Evans "".

4.  Excellent explanation of colorblindness and considerations when designing a webpage. 

5.  A shareware program for colorblind individuals called "WhatColor".  Using your cursor, you can identify any color on the screen of your PC.

6. You will see how a webpage looks to a color deficient person.

7.  See how color deficient people see colored palettes:

8.  Click here to take a test by Jay Neitz.  See how well you can identify objects if you were colorblind.

9. The goal of this page is to help web designers in choosing colors that
are correctly visible by color blind people.

10.  Good article on the Wall Street Journal about color blindness.


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