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Color Vision Testing Made Easy now available from Konan Medical's Online Store. Suggested retail price $110.00 + Shipping.

First Choice: The PseudoIsochromatic Plate (PIP) Color Vision Test 24 Plate Edition by Dr. Terrace L. Waggoner is ideal for school, aviation, hospital, and employment screenings. The test screens both adults and children for "all" color vision deficiencies including tritan (blue/yellow) deficiencies.

"Best Seller" for School Nurses across the country. It tests for protan/deutan (red/green) color vision deficiencies in children as young as 3 years old. Bonus: includes the Quick Six Color Vision Test for tritan (blue/yellow) deficiencies.

The suggested price for the Pseudoisochromatic Plate Ishihara Compatible (PIP) Color Vision Test 24 Plate Edition is $155.00 plus shipping.

The suggested price for Color Vision Testing Made Easy is $110.00 plus shipping. Bonus:


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